Wednesday, 19 December 2012

China - Food

Fisrt meal in China
The ever present delicious tomato and eggs
Green beans with meat
Meaty sichuan style dish
Yummy candied fruit on a stick
Bean there, done that - great name for a pastry
Stir fried vegetables
Faux meat pork ribs (even Abs liked these)
The ubiquitous food sticks
Meaty noodle salad
Coconut rice cake with rose water
Fried persimmon
Veggie hot pot
We miss these
Fried twirled sweet dough
Mutton dumplings
Another veggie soup
Barley to be wrapped in some kind of leaf

Caramelised potato
Yak yogurt (surprisingly really good)
Uyghur dumplings
Starfish for dinner?
Yak butter tea and treasure tea
Fried ice cream
Tofu skin sticks


  1. What? No sweet and sour pork or lemon chicken??

    1. China was NOTHING compared to Windsor all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet