Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Melbourne Safety (Melbourne)
Bondi Beach (Sydney)
Baha'i Temple (Sydney)
Baha'ism (Sydney)
Ramayana Show (Sydney)
Palm Beach aka Home & Away Beach (Sydney)
Best Price List (Sydney)
Bingo Madness (Sydney)
The Southbank (Melbourne)
Just the One Fat Indian (Melbourne)
Anish Kapoor Exhibition (Sydney)
Anish Kapoor Exhibition (Sydney)
Someone Cares (Sydney)
Racist Washing Detergent (Sydney)

We didn't expect it but our first impression of Australia was set by seeing a topless man strolling the streets of Melbourne at 8am with a beer in his hand. Unfortunately this was the first and only time we had such beautiful visions of Australian masculinity.

In spite of this rare spotting Melbourne was great. Streets were lined with cafes, yummy looking food that we couldn't afford, a really nice river front and great hospitality from our hosts. We caught up with some friends, lounged on bean bags by the river and Diana enjoyed a constant high from all the amazing coffee. We stayed for a couple of nights and then caught a flight to Sydney.

In Sydney Abs' family hosted us for 2 weeks. We were pampered, ate way too much and did all the touristy stuff like Bondi Beach, the Sydney Opera House and Darling Harbour. But our highlight was without any doubt going to Bingo with Abs' grandmother where Diana emerged victorious amongst the other grandmas and triumphantly walked out with 25 dollars in supermarket vouchers. Great Success!

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