Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Thailand Again

Our Phuket Villa
Beach at Phuket
Elephant Bathing
Voodoo Dolls
Tsunami Evacuation Sign
Beautiful Hair Silhouette
Learning to Ride

We couldn't wait to get back to Thailand after the visa run to Malaysia & Singapore. As before we loved Bangkok, especially the Thailand vs Kuwait Football game, and hung around for a week before heading down to the warm waters of Phuket with Diana’s parents.

Taking advantage of again we rented a private villa and car for a week and spent time exploring the island and its beaches.

A short trip to Koh Lanta was our final stop in the country and allowed us some time to scuba dive and learn how to ride a scooter, the latter affording us the opportunity to really find some off the beaten track beaches, which were beautiful.

In true cheap style we decided on the 2-bus-1-train-24-hour-option over the slightly more expensive 1 hour flight from Thailand to Kuala Lumpur. From here we caught a flight down to postcard-picture Bali near the southern tips of Indonesia.

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  1. Thailand...I want to go there again too. I need to take Koichi next time!