Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Buddhas At Wat Pho, Bangkok
Reclining Gold Dude at Wat Pho, Bangkok
Wat Pho
Thailand Thundercats
Abs' Worst Nightmare
Abs' Greatest Dream
Weekend Market, Bangkok 
Fried Frog
More Yummy Street Food
Noodles Looking Like Processed Hair
Best Shop Name Ever
Pig Face
Yummy Street Food

There is not much to say about Bangkok. We rented an apartment for 2 weeks through and sat back enjoying some of the delights the city had to offer, including the outdoor pool that came with the apartment. We cooked, watched movies, visited unbelievable vegetarian markets (in Ari) and explored the city (possibly one of our favourite destinations so far), went for dinner with friends and regained some sense of normality after nearly 6 months on the road.

(Needing to make a visa run we then caught the short 22 hour train into Malaysia, hopeful that the rainy season wasn't so rainy.

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  1. I visited Wat Pho twice when I was in Thailand a few years ago. I loved the street food in Bangkok. I wasn`t so crazy about Bangkok, but I think it could be because I was there in December and it was full of tourists. Also, I stubbed my baby toe on a cement post on my first day walking around and while I never saw a doctor it turned a wicked shade of purple/blue that led me to believe it was broken. It hurt for days!